We make work in the East, about the East.

Artistic Director: Chloe France

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  • Farming Audio Project
    Between April and December 2024 Chloe France and Producer Rosa Torr are making a one off audio piece exploring the pressures of contemporary farming and farm safety, with the aim of getting meaningful messages across to the industry, and sharing the experiences… Read more: Farming Audio Project
  • John Barleycorn Must Die
    This was the first project Tombola undertook as a company and one which is close to Chloe’s heart. John Barleycorn Must Die is about the land, taking up the mantle of a family farm and the risks run by those who produce… Read more: John Barleycorn Must Die
  • Where We Dwelt
    Our second project, Where We Dwelt, tells the story of Norwich’s Jewish community in the late 1200s, set at Passover on the eve of their expulsion in 1290. Through integration, assimilation & destruction, Norwich has an under-explored Jewish Medieval story.  We worked… Read more: Where We Dwelt

photo by David Morris