John Barleycorn Must Die

This is the first project we have undertaken as a company and one which is close to Chloe’s heart. John Barleycorn Must Die is about the land, taking up the mantle of a family farm and the risks run by those who produce our food.

Developed over 2020/21 with the support of Arts Council England, Metal Peterborough, curious directive and Hightide. We have completed our first R&D and are hoping to stage the full production on working farms in 2022.


Actor: Rosalind Ford

Director: Chloe France

Writer: Sarah Stephenson

Composer: Kitty Macfarlane

Co-Composer & Musical Director: Nick Barstow

Movement Director: Laura Dredger

Filmed & Edited: Daniel Coates

Lighting & Sound: Tom Clutterbuck

Artist Wellbeing Practitioner: Lou Platt

With thanks to Cher Taylor-border, Trevor Border, sisters Liz & Kate Genever,

Keely Mills & Paul ‘Bumper’ Mills, Arianne Churchman, Kerry Devine, Sue Shields & Gary Dixon